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Sunday Tips: #5 Boosting Your Mood

I had a totally different tip planned, but sometimes you have to go where the day takes you. This morning got off to a hectic start. I completely overslept, forgot about the time change, and when I looked out the window I was greeted by grey skies (ultimate morning buzzkill). I was basically starting my day off in a bad mood (which admittedly, was all my own doing). But mood shifting advice came from the strangest place...a carton of eggs (yes, I know that sounds insane). In my carton of eggs was a little note about  how to change a blah mood (as taught to us by hens...ha!). I know this sounds ridiculous but reading it made me laugh and...

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Sunday Tips: #4 A Little Extra Glow

Let's face it - there are some days where we could really use a little extra oomph. Maybe you went to sleep late or just had a tough matter the reason, there is a way to get a beautiful, "I woke up this way" natural glow without makeup and that's what today's tip is all about. After cleansing with an oil (because let's face it, oil cleansing definitely helps with the glow) apply TEA+C (the new toner, elixir, astringent plus collagen boosting vitamin C) then Nectar (another secret to glowing skin is this multi-functional, moisturizing oil serum). And after...spritz a little more TEA+C (just a little bit). You are not going to believe the GLOW!  And don't forget, along...

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Sunday Tips: #3 How to Properly Scrub

Let's talk body scrubs. There are so many different kinds out there and which you choose is up to your personal preference. But one thing all scrubs have in common is the best way to use them. So here's how you do it: when using a body scrub, be sure to use firm, yet gentle pressure and rub in a circular motion. Always start with your limbs (legs, arms) and work your way toward your heart, which helps with circulation (and if you've been to a spa you'll know this is how they're trained to do it too). One last thing - follow up with moisturizer, body oil, body butter, or body balm on that new, beautifully soft skin.

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Sunday Tips: #2 Getting Even More from Your Natural Lip Balm

 This tip is about PETAL but would work just as well for another naturally-derived color lip balm.  Petal is my universally flattering and buildable lip hue, made only form ingredients found in nature - in fact, the color comes from roots and flower petals. But Petal can also be used ads a subtle color for your cheeks. All you need to do is take a small amount and dot and blend quickly onto your cheeks. Add a little more for a little more color. It's an instant way to get a rosy glow (and I do mean glow) when you're on the go!

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Sunday Tips: #1 Salvaging a Watery Mask

Today's nugget is about PURIFYING MASK, but can just as easily apply to any other preservative-free dry mask that is reconstituted with liquid.  If you've accidentally poured too much water and find your mask a little too runny for your liking (which happens to all of us), just let your mask sit undisturbed in the bowl for a few minutes. The clay will absorb some of the liquid and your mask will thicken up to a consistency more to your liking. If I'm not careful I will sometimes have to wait 10-15 minutes (sometimes even longer) but rather than adding more Purifying Mask, which would be more than I needed and wasteful, I wait it out.

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