Oleema Skincare is a natural, hand-crafted skincare line that began with a desire to create a simple, pure skincare product that truly works. 

Several years ago, I began to carefully examine the food I was putting into my body, while virtually ignoring the products that were going onto my skin.  I have always struggled with my skin and was willing to try anything to achieve great skin, yet was unable to find a product that delivered results. Additionally, as a busy mother of three, I was tired of spending precious time and money searching for the perfect product that didn’t exist. I started conscientiously reading labels and began to see the myriad of chemicals I had been applying to my skin daily. Fed up, I became determined to create luxurious skincare products that would provide beautiful results at an affordable price.

Fueled by my curiosity for a natural and more holistic approach to self-care, I sought to create a clean, simple skincare line made from natural ingredients.  I resolved to make a product that not only provides beautiful results, but one that is free from toxic, harmful chemicals and preservatives. After extensive research and testing, Oleema Skincare was born.  A beautiful skincare line that yields amazing results.

Oleema Skincare is made from the highest quality, nutrient-rich ingredients. I begin by combining only the purest ingredients that have been used effectively for centuries.  Each element works in harmony, producing a skincare product that enhances your skin's ability to heal and protect itself and promotes beautiful, glowing, radiant, and, most importantly, healthy skin. 

I believe in skincare that is simple, clean, and effective.  As a result, Oleema Skincare only uses the highest quality botanical and herbal oils, and prioritizes ingredients that are organic, ethically produced, and fairly traded.  Oleema Skincare's ingredients are free from parabens and laurel sulfates.  All of Oleema Skincare products are handmade in small batches to ensure quality and potency.

Your skin will instantly glow with Oleema Skincare, and over time become more radiant, with fewer blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles.  That is the gift of nature and the beauty of Oleema Skincare.