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Sunday Tips: #4 A Little Extra Glow

Let's face it - there are some days where we could really use a little extra oomph. Maybe you went to sleep late or just had a tough matter the reason, there is a way to get a beautiful, "I woke up this way" natural glow without makeup and that's what today's tip is all about.

After cleansing with an oil (because let's face it, oil cleansing definitely helps with the glow) apply TEA+C (the new toner, elixir, astringent plus collagen boosting vitamin C) then Nectar (another secret to glowing skin is this multi-functional, moisturizing oil serum). And after...spritz a little more TEA+C (just a little bit). You are not going to believe the GLOW! 

And don't forget, along with that dewey complexion you are giving your skin the healthy ingredients and the skin-food it needs to stay glowing day in and day out. Ingredients such as soothing rose hydrosol, calming tea tree hydrosol, cleansing witch hazel, skin-brightening licorice root, natural, botanical hyaluronic acid from marshmallow root, antioxidant-rich lemon balm, antimicrobial aspen bark, white willow bark containing salicin (from which that expensive salicylic acid is derived)...just to name a few!

Now go spray and get glowing!