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Sunday Tips: #5 Boosting Your Mood

I had a totally different tip planned, but sometimes you have to go where the day takes you.

This morning got off to a hectic start. I completely overslept, forgot about the time change, and when I looked out the window I was greeted by grey skies (ultimate morning buzzkill). I was basically starting my day off in a bad mood (which admittedly, was all my own doing). But mood shifting advice came from the strangest place...a carton of eggs (yes, I know that sounds insane).

In my carton of eggs was a little note about  how to change a blah mood (as taught to us by hens...ha!). I know this sounds ridiculous but reading it made me laugh and literally changed my outlook, and therefor my day.

If you're feeling a little down too, maybe this will turn things around for you (basically we're just changing our frame of mind). 

Here are 5 tips to boost your mood:

  • Greet each day with enthusiasm (even gloomy ones).
  • Go outside. Every day.
  • Embrace a little dust (this one is telling me not to stress about a slightly messy house).
  • Eat fresh food (good for you and your skin - which is in my wheelhouse).
  • Get a good night's sleep.

That's it. Five super simple things that really do wonders to change a mood. And just a little secret between you and me, your mood will probably change after only doing 1 ;).