The Entire Collection
The Entire Collection

The Entire Collection

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Luxurious skincare from head to toe. Purchase this ultimate gift for you or someone you love and Oleema will reward you with special pricing. Save $36 when you purchase the entire line.

For the face:

Begin with the Cleanser to gently cleanse and purify without disrupting your skin's delicate balance.

Follow with TEA + C, a powerful toner, elixir, and astringent that improves skin's appearance by cleansing, toning pores, and hydrating skin while providing a high dose of topical vitamin C.

Next is Nectara concentrated moisturizer, treatment serum, and skin balancing oil and/or Love Balm, a highly moisturizing, breathable healing balm that supports and restores skin's overall health (both Nectar and Love Balm included).

Experience a truly one-of-a-kind gentle, cleansing micro-scrub and enzyme exfoliant with Honey Glow. Made from custom blend of organic herbs and raw unfiltered honey, this nutrient-rich scrub will help improve the tone and texture of your skin.

Decongest and detoxify your skin weekly with the harmonious blend of purifying clays, exotic herbs and spices, and healing essential oils in Purifying Mask.

For the body:

Enjoy soft, beautiful skin with Soufflé, the highly moisturizing and gently exfoliating whipped body scrub with an intoxicating scent.

Follow with Balsam or Jasmine Butter (both included). Both will leave your skin silky soft all day. Choose Balsam for a more occlusive body balm with a subtle warm, and spicy scent. Choose Jasmine for a light, cloud-like texture with the soft scent of jasmine.

For the lips:

Soothe your lips with these decadent, deeply penetrating, and ultra-nourishing lip balms. Use Lip Butter for moisture and shine, and use Petal for a buildable pop of color that is flattering to all skin tones.

Please note: This set does not include the masking bowl or masking brush.